Telegram Bot

BlockBee Telegram Bot is a ready-made solution designed to assist Telegram Channel owners in effortlessly managing channel subscriptions. With its ability to automatically handle subscriptions and effectively manage users, the bot ensures that only the admin possesses a valid subscription.

BlockBee Telegram Bot

How it works?

Configure your project in BlockBee Telegram Bot by adding your bot token

Make your configured bot channel administrator

Link your bot to your customers in order for them to subscribe

Why should you start using our Telegram Bot to handle channel subscriptions?

01 Automated subscriptions for your channel

Conveniently manage your Telegram Channel by automating the process of handling subscriptions and effectively managing users.

02 Largest asset selection

Support over 70 cryptocurrencies and tokens over 9 different blockchains straight from your Telegram Bot. We may also add custom tokens upon request (pending approval).

03 Optimized for any device

Telegram is available on various devices, either by using the official application or the Web UI. As long as it runs Telegram it’s compatible with BlockBee Telegram Bot.

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